Posted by: photosbymcdonald | March 14, 2011

2012 Holly High School Spokes Models: Jessica, Nick and Zack | Michigan Senior Photographer

This year I am so  lucky to not have just one, but THREE senior spokes models from Holly High School. Meet Jessica, Nick and Zack!

Jessica is a super bubbly girl, which I just love! She has this gorgeous red hair (JEALOUS!) and wonderful personality to go with it! We’re thinking of possibly doing a retro 40’s look with her next session, so be on the lookout for that this summer. 🙂 Jessica also loves photography and is involved with yearbook, Spanish National Honor Society, and Highland Community Church.

Nick and Zack happen to be identical twins (if you hadn’t already noticed LOL) and are heavily into music! They both are a part of their own band “Double Take.” I’m looking forward to their next session because we also have plans for a special set up with their instruments!

As with all the spokes models, be sure and hit them up for a card that’s good for 16 free wallets with any booked session 🙂 To see more of their session and additional spokes model photos, visit my Facebook page album HERE.





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