Posted by: photosbymcdonald | December 19, 2011

Eryne, Steve and baby Tessa | Holly Michigan Newborn and Maternity Photographer

I realized that I never got a chance to post some of Eryne and Steve’s maternity photos, so this post will be a double!

I was excited to see both Steve and Eryne a couple of months ago for their maternity portraits. Then, just a few shorts weeks ago, they welcomed their first baby into the world – sweet, little Tessa.

Steve and Eryne are both so nice – Eryne is a nurse and Steve is in the Army. The one request they both had was to take a photo with Steve’s helmet, which she made easy!

(Just as an after-thought, there’s been a lot of controversy lately in the photography world about newborn safety. Tessa was completely secure in all of the photos with mom and dad close by while I took the photos. Also, in the helmet photo, dad was holding the helmet steady and I Photoshopped out his arm 🙂 I would never, never compromise a baby’s safety just for the sake of a photo!)

You can just tell how much they love and care about each other by looking at these photos – makes me want to have another baby! Awww …



  1. My beautiful niecey-poo Princess Tessa!! She is perfect in every way and these pictures are absolutely amazing!! They brings out everything that defines Eryne and Steve, so kind-hearted and selfless yet determined. I can’t wait to book this photographer for my kids!! Thanks for giving all of us pictures of a wonderful memory we don’t ever want to forget<3

    • You are so welcome Danielle! And thanks for voting and checking out my blog!

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