Posted by: photosbymcdonald | June 6, 2012

One. Two. THREE?!!! | Holly Michigan Children Photographer

Yes. I said it. My little darling is THREE. Where has the time gone? I just don’t know. One minute they’re handing you to me all bundled up like a little burrito and the next you are the most beautiful, sassy little toddler this side of the nation.

I can’t imagine what I have done to be so blessed with a child like you. But EVERY SINGLE NIGHT I thank my lucky stars you chose to come be with us. I love your little elf teeth and your silky hair. I love how you tell me that you love me and want me to rock to you to sleep. Even when I have to read that book for the billionth time I cannot imagine another place in the whole world I’d rather be.

You are my reason for everything. You are all that is joyful and exuberant and girly and bright.

Happy third birthday sunshine!



  1. Happy Birthday Cora!

    • Aww thanks Kristye! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

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