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Now and Then – Part 2 | Holly, Michigan Photographer

I’m back! And as promised here is part two of my “Now and Then.” (If you’re just now joining us and you need to start at the beginning and get some back story click HERE.)

Since I’ve posted my first segment (that features some pretty horrible images I took when I first started – but hey – everyone starts somewhere, right?) I’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback. Some good. Some bad. But mostly good. I was even called  “gutsy.”

Now I’m not sure if I’m gutsy or not, but I just feel a little freer. Like I said before, everyone starts somewhere and this is showcasing my beginning. Who can be ashamed of their beginning?

If I can give even one photographer hope – that they’ll become the photographer they hope to be one day – I’ll have have done something.

When I last left you guys I had just finished up 2009. Moving on to the big 2-0-1-0!

January 2010 – my first set of twins – EVER. They were a little older than I like most newborns to be nowadays, but still super cute. Can’t believe how big they are now!


February 2010 – fun outdoor maternity shots!


March 2010 – I held my first Easter Mini Sessions with bunnies 🙂 And I just LOVED that seamless paper. Also held summer, fall and Christmas mini sessions as well!


June 2010 – I discovered back-lighting – what a wonderful thing! This also happens to be the little boy one year later after his parents had their maternity session with me 🙂 You can check that out in the previous post HERE.


August 2010 – I remember this newborn session so clearly. It was like someone lit a light bulb in my brain. It was the first newborn session where I *really* felt comfortable and had an idea of what to do. It was an awesome feeling! Plus this little guy was a rock star sleeper. Love that!

At this point I also invested in some vinyl backdrops and floors. Best decision EVER. Love them still!


September 2010 – I still really love this photo. I started to get a lot better with capturing candid moments.


October 2010 – photographed a few more seniors this year and had a blast with them! Getting getting better with using textures too! LOL!


Also shot quite a few of my own weddings (to my delight!) And getting much  more comfortable with them. At first I was terribly nervous to photograph weddings. But as time has gone on that nervousness has been replaced by excited and the quest for the perfect shot! In 2010 I started doing much more with my weddings besides just the expected.


In 2011 I upgraded to a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II.

January 2011 – This year I really started doing more on-location work with many of my maternity/newborn clients. That really was awesome – it gave me a lot of creative freedom that I don’t normally have in the studio.


February 2011 –


April 2011 – Easter Mini Session number 2 –


I also shot my first boudior session in 2010. This photo isn’t my first one, but I wanted to show it because I really started to stretch my wings and try out different things. I wasn’t afraid to ask my clients if they wanted to try something different. All they could say was no. And most didn’t 🙂

May 2011 –


I also started taking many of my newborns outside more and more for part of their session (in the summertime.) I still do this and LOVE it. I was no longer scared to ask parents if that was something they wanted to do.

June 2011 –


I had a ball with a bunch of seniors in the fall of 2010! This year was the first year I introduced my spokes model program (more on that HERE) and it really made a difference. I enjoy photographing seniors because they bring their own ideas. They love to showcase themselves and what they’re all about. It was fun getting to know each one.

August 2011 –


This year marked the year I had the most weddings I’d ever booked – nine weddings in one summer. I was stoked.

June 2011-


September 2011 –


October 2011 –


If you’re still with me – stay tuned for the last part (2012 and closing statements) soon!


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