January 2013

I just wanted to tell you that so far we absolutely love the photos we’ve seen that you’ve posted! Every person that I show them to is totally blown away by them and asks to see more. You did an amazing job and we can’t wait to see the whole set. Thanks so much for capturing our wedding so wonderfully!

– Sarah and Patrick

Royal Oak, MI


October 2012

I just wanted to let you know I got my pics today and they are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for the amazing work you do! It is such a blessing that I found you. The gift you provide to others will last a lifetime. Thank you again. I will cherish them as each day passes.

– Cristy

Lake Orion, MI

September 2012

Thank you for the amazing experience. You were so easy to work with; we never dreamed our wedding would be so stress-free and beautiful. Your professionalism, warmth, and enthusiasm are second to none… We are so grateful to you and Mary Lyn for capturing the best day of our lives!!!

– Mallory & Kory

Petoskey, MI

July 2012

I love, love, love them. The pictures are beautiful! Thank you again!

– Julie

Highland, MI


Working with McDonald Photography was an excellent experience. Work was delivered on time and exceeded my expectations. She did work for my online knee sock company where she held a photo shoot with about 10 models. She sought out the models and organized the whole photo shoot. All I had to do was contact her about what I wanted and she delivered without much help from me at all. I would definitely recommend any company that is in need of photos for their company to contact Jennifer at Photos by McDonald. Highly professional and the photos were magnificent. Thanks Jennifer!!

– Chrissy

Clinton Township, MI

April 2012

Jennifer is a wonderful photographer; she’s always willing to go the extra mile to get the perfect shot. Her pictures are beautiful! We’re running out of wall space to place our pictures!

– Connie

Oxford, MI

March 2012

I found Jennifer on a whim after searching for a children’s photographer. I wanted my daughter’s pictures to be different than the traditional photo sessions. Was I ever pleased after my daughter’s newborn session! She did an amazing job. She was extremely professional and excellent with kids. She is always open to any request I may have for different shots and is very creative. As a family we have seen Jennifer on seven different occasions to date. She even caught wonderful shots of my quick three year old son! She is just plain great behind the camera! I wish I would have found her earlier.

– Sara

Holly, MI


Mike and I are looking at the pictures you’ve posted so far and he looked at me and said, “Well Lisa, I’m actually really glad you talked me into getting a photographer because these are really good!”

My husband and I couldn’t have chosen a nicer, more affordable, or more fun photographer than Jennifer McDonald! We had such a blast working with her and her assistant! They worked so well together and were able to capture the most amazing shots at our wedding reception!! I cannot wait to use JM Photography again in the future!

– Lisa

Detroit, MI


February 2012

The photos look so good.!! (: Thank you.!(:

– Alexis

Fenton, MI


Charlotte’s pictures are wonderful. Thank so much for the wonderful day. Look forward to seeing the rest.

– Jean

Holly, MI

I love my Pictures!!!! Thank you so much:)

– Charlotte

Holly, MI


December 2011

Great day, great ideas, very professional, great results! The only problem we have is choosing which pics to use. Thanks for a memorable family day.

– Michael
Fenton, MI


November 2011

I just wanted to tell you I am THRILLED with how Tyler’s pictures came out. They are beautiful and really capture him. Thank you so much.

– Pat

Holly, MI


Thanks to Jennifer McDonald for snapping some awesome photos!! Joe and I have never looked so good 🙂

– Meghan


October 2011

Jennifer, I love your photos! After seeing the photos your took of my Lauren and Leah I just wanted to tell you how great your art is! I will be calling you soon for a shoot! The black and white photo you did of my Leah was fab!!  I always look forward to your post of your shoots!!!!!!

– Erin

Waterford, MI


Thank you again for all that you did for us that day.  It was wonderful to know it was in your hands and I didn’t have to worry about anything.  You are the best!


Shelby Township, MI









September 2011

I love them all!!!!! You truly helped to capture our day so wonderfully!!

– Rebecca

Ann Arbor, MI


July 2011

Thank you so much for being our photographer! You definitely exceeded our expectations, which were already set pretty high after all our other pictures you took. Needless to say, we love them!

– Mark and Ashley

Wixom, MI


I can’t get over all of your photos!!! The hospital photos turned out perfectly!!! And the ones you posted from yesterday are gorgeous!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

To describe Jennifer as “talented” is an understatement. Jennifer is passionate and loves what she does, which is evident in every single picture she has ever taken for me. Her technical knowledge of photography is superb and she truly does have a gift when it comes to working with lighting (both natural and artificial). But what makes Jennifer stand apart is her ability to truly capture her subject’s personalities in each image. She isn’t just taking a picture of a smiling face; she is preserving a moment of your life.  There’s a reason why I keep going back to Jennifer – she is good at what she does. She is patient, understanding and just an all-around good person. I treasure the photos she has taken for me and would recommend her to anyone.

– Emily

Detroit, MI

May 2011

Jennifer touches your heart better than Hallmark!

– Marilynn

Waterford, MI

April 2011

(The photos) are so darn cute. We love them. We had sooooooo much fun that day. Our little ones were exhausted till the next day. … Thanks Jen for being so creative and patient with our little ones during the photo shoot. It was such a joy working with you. 🙂 Can’t wait to see all the pictures. Thank you for such an enjoyable experience. We can’t wait till the 6 month photo shoot and playing dress up all over again!

– Lisa

Macomb, MI


February 2011

Hi Jennifer! (The album) looks GREAT it made me cry:( to see my baby all grown up!!
You did a beautiful job! Thank you!

– Kim

Pinckney, MI

January 2011

Hi Jennifer!

We love the pictures!! They turned out great. So excited for the baby session!

– Mareen

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Hi Jennifer,
I just wanted you to know that I received the engagement DVD in the mail!  We love the pics!  How cool!!!!  Dang, you work fast!  We had a great time too.  Tim was really excited about you because he said he just pictures a photographer as a creepy old man and you are obviously waaaay better!  Thanks for being so speedy on these. Thanks again for everything. We are very excited for the wedding 🙂
– Amanda
Sterling Heights, MI

December 2010

Just wanted to let you know I’m spoiled now 🙂 I went to one of those dime a dozen photographer studios with my husband’s family this week and it by no means compared to you. I could hardly stand to look at the photos. You are amazing!!!

– Alise

Fenton, MI

June 2010

Jennifer! *hug* The pics look fantastic!!!! You are my NEW photographer. Seriously … it’s more than I ever expected.

– Tanya

Chicago, IL


February 2010

Thank you so much! These are amazing! We’ve never had pictures like this and they’re soo special. I wish so bad we had you at our wedding!
– Shannon
Grand Blanc, MI
April 2010
Dear Jennifer,
Thank you for honoring us with your excellent skill as a photographer at our wedding. You have helped make this a special day for us and we deeply appreciate it.
Karen and Stephen
Ann Arbor, MI

January 2010

I got the photo book, and my youngest son, hasn’t stopped pointing out on every picture he can of his dad.  The kids & I loved it!!!

– Ashley

Linden, MI

November 2009

I love my senior pics! You’re awesome. You did a wonderful job. Thank you so much!

– Lance

Holly, MI


August 2009


We love the photos! Thank you so much for capturing our day in such an amazing way.

– Michelle and Jason

Clinton Township, MI


July 2009

Just wanted to say the picture with the American Flag – it’s me and my horse Slyder! Of all the pictures I have seen of us carrying the flag, this is my favorite! I love what you did with the colors!

– Patsy

Davisburg, MI


May 2009

I love the pictures on your blog of Emilee! Thank you SO much for capturing such precious moments. Everyone I show just loves them!

– Robin

Linden, MI

You’re making us all famous on your webpage, I feel so special!! Thanks for doing such a great job!!! It was a blast having pictures taken by you!!


White Lake, MI


I’M SO EXCITED *tear* I never dreamed that I could take pictures that turn out like these!

You made the experience worthwhile and I’m happy that I came to you! I really want to thank you so much for your time and efforts … Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!

– Reshan

Pontiac, MI

April 2009

These photos are so cute, I cannot wait to see the rest!! Thanks again Jennifer, Addison and I had a blast!!

– Rebecca

Linden, MI

March 2009

I just took a look at the pictures on the blog and wow–I am already in love with them!!! They look great. Thanks for the little preview, it totally made my day!

– Tammi

Troy, MI


December 2008

Jennifer the photos are great and truly beautiful. You helped us through the biggest day of our lives and gave us truly amazing photos to remember it by. As I said, I only have two friends who aren’t married yet, but I will be sending them your way when it happens.

– Brad and Annie

Sterling Heights, MI


September 2008

Oh my goodness! The pictures are completely AMAZING! We are so thrilled at how great they turned out. And it was a great birthday present for Sheree as well.

Thank you so much for everything.

– Brian

Roselle, IL


August 2008

The photos are beautiful!!! Thank you so much for coming out and taking so much time with us… I know how hard it is to get a baby smile, let alone two!! I love them! … thanks again for being so quick, we were all dying to see them 🙂

– Alicia

Fayetteville, North Carolina

August 2008

I have to say, they all looked awesome! … and I am not usually a ‘commenting’ person, but your work is stunning! Absolutely amazing!


Clio, MI

July 2008

Hello Jennifer,

What can I say? The photos are amazing. Fabulous. Beautiful. You get my point 🙂 You are so talented and did a wonderful job. I could not have asked for anything more!

Thank you!!!!!


Saginaw, MI


July 2008


Everyone has already said all that I could possibly comment on; your patience, style, technique…it’s all just so YOU! And to say that you’re wonderful, is just well, one word that so many others could only begin to capture. God has truly given you an awe-inspiring eye for things of beauty!

Thank you for all your time and dedication to capturing the moment!

– AJ, Natalie & Lilly (& Amber, too ;))

Fenton, MI

July 2008

After losing a significant amount of weight, I decided I wanted to
treat myself somehow, and what better way than to get photos taken of
the “new me”? I was nervous at first about being the sole subject of
a photo shoot, but Jennifer put me completely at ease, both in her
studio and “out and about” in Holly, where she snapped tons of
pictures of me in different outfits in front of interesting downtown
landmarks. She has a definite skill for finding unique backdrops and
a gift for coaxing out the best expressions in her subjects. When I
saw the finished product, I was blown away. I’ll never forget my day
as a “model” — it was a blast!

– Cortney

Macomb Township, MI

June 2008


Thanks so much for the fun shoot that Brittany had with you- our trash the dress plan didn’t work out due to the weather but I think we made great use of the day and got in so many great shots. We loved your selection of hats- in fact the one turned out to be one of our favorite pictures ever! You were easy to work with and so much fun- we look forward to many more photoshoots with you- until you get sick of seeing us anyway-LOL!

Thanks again!

Patty & Brittany

LaSalle, MI

May 2008

Having our photos taken by Jennifer has truly been an enjoyable experience. She’s very relaxing to be around, and she was happy to work with us to get just the type of photos we were looking for. My 1-1/2 year old son feels comfortable around her, which results in some great, natural-looking shots that really portray him in all of his toddler glory.

Julie, Jim and Tyler

Milford, MI

April 2008


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job (once again!)you’ve done
on our family pictures. The time and care that you take is something that
could never be matched by a chain studio and truly comes out in the
photos. I know that a family of five, two of which are unruly toddlers,
is very stressful but you handle it patiently and always with a smile,
keeping all of us at ease and making the whole experience very enjoyable.
I can’t wait until April when we will be back for Cal’s birthday pictures!
The Butts family will be loyal customers for life!

Thanks again!

Sam, Meagan, Ashley, Taylor, Cal and Levi

Oxford, MI

March 2008


I can’t believe it’s almost been a year!

It’s been so great watching our little angel grow just by flipping through
your photos. You really make her personality, and her eyes, shine. Every
time we come to your studio, I can’t wait to get the images back so I can
see my funny little cherub with her big smile. You’re the only person, aside
from her Dad and I, that can get her to laugh and giggle like that and
that’s just the best thing to look at.
It’s no wonder I have to buy new picture frames each time she comes, I can’t
ever bear to take the old ones down!


St. Clair Shores, MI

January 2008

Dear Jenni,

I just can’t get over the pictures! This is like the 6th time I have sat down and gone through them today! You really captured some amazing things. I cried again! Just looking at Tony and the look of love and adoration on his face. I mean, it’s not like I didn’t know or anything, but you caught it in its purest glow. Not everyone would have been able to do that. Other photographers would have been posing him more and not letting it just BE, and you did and look at that!
And capturing me at my ripest! 🙂 That is so special, too! I will always have these beautiful pictures of me when I was pregnant. I am SO glad we were able to do it.
Thank you so much, Jenni! I can’t wait for Jasper to enter this world and have you take pictures of him! I can only imagine how amazing THOSE will turn out!
Melanie and Tony (and baby Jasper!)
Shelby Township, MI

December 2008

Dear Jennifer,

We absolutely LOVE the photos, they are fantastic! Thank you so much for your time, you did a great job working with her, especially when she was kind of cranky! She slept the entire rest of the day after that. 🙂


New Haven, MI

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